DIY Giftwrapping with Sweaters | Junk Drawer Wraps


Throwing things away is a daily struggle for me.  I may make it as far as the trash can with a lovely yet slightly damaged item only to take a second glance, think “I can totally use this for something”, and finally march it to it’s new home — a junk drawer in my spare bedroom. I wouldn’t consider myself a hoarder (who would though, right?). I do *strive* for a clean, clutter-free home, I just don’t like to toss out what could be used and reused!

At this time in my life I drink lots of coffee, change lots of diapers, and wrap LOTS of packages.  I sell women’s clothing and accessories on Poshmark ($10 Credit with code BVIJC) and when time permits I try to send these items wrapped with love! However, gift-wrap can get costly! For this reason, I’ve begun trying to reuse these items I have trouble throwing out for gift-wrapping. I’m newly convinced that almost anything can be used to decorate a package and the challenge to use recycled items has become slightly addicting. I’ll surely be sharing my DIY junk drawer wraps with you very frequently.

This DIY was an impromptu effort to wrap a James Perse top using a sweater that had a permanent stain.

First, cut a large square from the front of the sweater. Wrap the sweater square around the top like you would wrap a gift and tie it snugly into place with some scrap string by feeding the string through overlapping layers of sweater and tying it off.


Pick an end to work with that will become the bottom of the little sack and continue to fold and fasten as if wrapping a traditional gift.

The end that remains open becomes a draw string opening.  Take a ribbon and begin at the middle of the front (side without the knots). Weave the ribbon in and out of the sweater all the way around.  You’ll have to play with it to see how far apart to weave, but I found the drawstring looked and worked best the more I weaved the ribbon.


When you make it back around to the front, pull the ribbon tight, tie it up, and you’ve got yourself a sweater sack! Add gift tags and other embellishments to the drawstring if you desire.  I added my business card and a tag saying “Thank you!”. I think a fuzzy pom or tassel would go really well with this package! And there you have it — a finished sweater package!


For more inspiration, follow me on Instagram and stay tuned for upcoming DIY green gift-wrap posts!

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