Fabric Scrap Gift Wrap | Junk Drawer Wraps


If you want to hoard something that makes for perfect gift-wrap, you want to hoard scrap fabric! Sure, there are rolls of gift-wrap in any color and pattern that you can imagine, but the possibilities of fabrics are endless! On top of colors and patterns for every theme or season imaginable, you have fabric make up and texture options! Plus, it’s so sustainable! Fabric gift-wrap can be used a countless number of times and can be stored effortlessly without you having to worry about it tearing!


Purchasing new fabric can be costly and is not always a feasible option (though it is a good investment when possible!). Less expensive fabrics start around $4 and go upward from there accordingly. Thankfully, there are many more frugal ways to obtain fabric! I’ve often found bags of fabric at thrift stores and garage sales.  You may even check local craigslist listings and Buy, Sell, & Trade Facebook pages for people who are giving up their sewing related hobbies and selling their supplies.

While there are so many different ways to use fabric in the gift-wrapping process, I want to keep it basic this time. (Upcoming posts will get more creative.) The most simple way to wrap with fabric is to, well, do just that. Wrap it up! Fold it around your item as you would with wrapping paper and secure it by tying it up with string or ribbon. This simple process makes for a simple, yet striking package.

First, cut the fabric to fit the item being wrapped. Don’t throw away these precious scraps! An upcoming post will show you how to put smaller scraps to use. Position the item in the middle of the fabric and fold the bottom up and then the top down.

Fold the “top” layer of fabric in on each open side. The fabric will come to a point on both sides when this is done correctly.

Fold the two corner in toward the middle. During this step you may want to hold the corners in place and turn the package around to check the front. You may have to do a little extra tucking in some places so before moving on to tying the ribbon you’ll want to adjust accordingly.


The most tricky part is holding it all together with the ribbon. You’ll need to use all three hands for this part (don’t you sometimes wish!?).  Lay the ribbon across the center of the package where it will lay over both folded corners. Make sure the middle of the ribbon is at the center of the package.  Press the bow tightly down only the package so that the corners don’t unfold. While holding it all together firmly, flip the package over and tie the ribbon tightly!

front and back.jpg

And there you have it! The package is perfectly presentable as-is or can be embellished further! Stay tuned for an upcoming post that will show you what you can do with your smaller fabric scraps!